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It’s Time || CrissColfer

Darren had been by Chris’ side for hours, holding his hand and making sure he had everything he needed. He knew Chris had to be in more pain then he could imagine, though he was sure the medicine took away most of it. Chris’ parents had arrived about an hour and a half faster than they normally would have. Hannah had kept begging to see Chris. Darren knew it had to be a sibling thing when one or the other was in pain since once she had the okay she rushed right in and gave him a giant hug. Darren had already explained how Chris had wanted to do things once he had to start pushing. He wanted to tell her so badly exactly why he wanted it that way, but Darren knew Chris would never forgive him over something like that. He just wanted Chris’ mother to stop asking why.

After much complaining and down right begging the doctor, she had finally agreed that Chris would be allowed two people in the room. Darren had practically told them that Chris wouldn’t agree to anything if it was any other way. A half an hour before they had checked Chris, Darren right next to the doctor, smiling up at him, wanting nothing more than to just kiss him and make it all go away but he couldn’t. She had said he was at nine centimeters and that within the hour he’d be a daddy. The doctor had shooed everyone else out and brought in her nurses that would take care of Eva. Darren bit his lip watching Chris nervously. He was afraid Chris was going to have a panic attack with how many people were in the room. But someone had to take care of Eva. He walked up to Chris’ side instead of pacing anymore “I love you sweetheart, it’s almost over and she’s going to be here within a matter of minutes. Don’t worry about the others they aren’t here for you they’re setting up the things for our little girl okay?” He whispered softly kissing Chris’ cheek wiping his hair out of his face. 

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