I am zee Dare-ron Criss! Hopefully there isn't any clones of me running around driving anybody mad. You may or may not know me from my time that was spent with Glee as the one Blaine Anderson, if not from Glee you might know me from Broadway as I did a couple of shows there. Maybe you know me from a movie, maybe a porno. Okay take back, there is no porno of me. Maybe you don't know me at all. If you don't I think you should change that asap cause I love meeting new people.

[Don't get your panties in a wad I am not the real Darren and if I was, you would never know about my life with Mr Colfer.]
Family Scares || Crisscolfer

Everything in the house had been total chaos the last week. After Chris’ and Lizzie’s trip to therapy everyone had been on edge since she had her episode. Of course they were all on edge because of different reasons. But none the less they were still on edge with everything that was going on. Luke had been stressing that Lizzie wasn’t telling him something when she would leave nightly to go stay with Jeff. He didn’t mind having the extra room in bed, but he did miss his sister, even if she was coming home in a perkier mood. Darren was stressing because Chris was sick, not only was Chris sick, but Eva had an ear infection so she had to sleep in the same room as they did because Evan didn’t need an ear infection as well. When Darren wasn’t trying to help Chris up from being on his knees at the toilet he was trying to calm down Eva, and when he was done trying to calm down Eva he was trying to get Luke to talk, and then he had to make sure Evan was settled. His head was ready to explode with how much running he was doing. 

All afternoon Chris hadn’t been as sick, and Eva hadn’t been as fussy as she had been the past couple of days. Darren looked around the corner as Liz walked in with a smile on her face. He smiled back at her and looked down at Eva who was out so he laid her back in her carrier he was keeping beside him. He kissed Lizzie’s cheek “Dad is feeling a bit better today so we’re going to go swimming today as a family, go suit up!” he laughed to himself “In a bathing suit I mean, so superhero suits going on” he teased and kissed her cheek again as he took the carrier back upstairs to the bedroom and put her in the pack and play along with a monitor so they could hear her just in case. He walked over to Chris and kissed him gently. “Evan is in his bathing suit and begging his family to come play, so I think we need to go swimming” he laughed and kissed Chris’ cheek. “I sort of promised him we could since you felt better” he smiled softly.

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