I am zee Dare-ron Criss! Hopefully there isn't any clones of me running around driving anybody mad. You may or may not know me from my time that was spent with Glee as the one Blaine Anderson, if not from Glee you might know me from Broadway as I did a couple of shows there. Maybe you know me from a movie, maybe a porno. Okay take back, there is no porno of me. Maybe you don't know me at all. If you don't I think you should change that asap cause I love meeting new people.

[Don't get your panties in a wad I am not the real Darren and if I was, you would never know about my life with Mr Colfer.]
Acceptance || Crisscolfer

Darren woke up and stretched before heading downstairs to start breakfast. Monday’s were going to be the death of him sooner or later. He was trying to keep up with Lizzie so he knew when she had to be up and out for school. He was going to make sure that she at least had breakfast before she left to go to class. With her having her own keys it was a bit easier than having to drive her to and from class every day. It was about to get slightly tricky, Luke was going to be starting his school soon, and they’d yet to hear from either school he had applied to. Darren had half of a nerve to go down there and pay them off for them to just accept him. He knew deep down though that if he done that Luke would never learn on his own. 

Checking his watch again he groaned and seen that Lizzie still wasn’t down for her breakfast. He hurried up and made her a breakfast burrito giving her extra time to get ready. He walked up the stairs and knocked on her door, when there was no reply he opened it up and seen her and Luke were both asleep still. “Lizzie, wake up” he whispered in her ear and shook her side gently. “Come on you got class, and I have food for you so you can have that before you go” he smiled softly still shaking her arm. 

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