I am zee Dare-ron Criss! Hopefully there isn't any clones of me running around driving anybody mad. You may or may not know me from my time that was spent with Glee as the one Blaine Anderson, if not from Glee you might know me from Broadway as I did a couple of shows there. Maybe you know me from a movie, maybe a porno. Okay take back, there is no porno of me. Maybe you don't know me at all. If you don't I think you should change that asap cause I love meeting new people.

[Don't get your panties in a wad I am not the real Darren and if I was, you would never know about my life with Mr Colfer.]
Loopy Days || Crisscolfer

The twins, well Luke and Lizzie were stuck upstairs in bed. They had been on their medication for at least two days now, and it had set in that they were going to be drowsy one way or another. Luke was still trying to get used to his glasses while his contacts were waiting to come in. He couldn’t remember being able to see things so clearly. Then there was Lizzie who had had back brace which was going to take a bit of getting used to till her therapy was completely over with. Normally Luke would have been at his wits end with how angry he was with Jeff for hurting his sister like he did. He just couldn’t focus long enough because of drifting in and out of sleep as much as he was. The ones that were at their wits end was Chris and Darren, trying to keep them both in bed so they wouldn’t fall was harder than it looked. 

Darren was carrying up Eva to the bedroom so they’d have someone to keep them company while he made them lunch. He figured they’d be able to at least keep an eye on her with how tired she had been acting. He walked in the room to see Luke nearly asleep himself along with Lizzie was sitting up typing away at her new phone. “Hey guys, Eva wanted to see you while I make lunch downstairs, homemaid vegetable soup is going to be on its way you guys just chill out up here and go all googly eyed over Eva okay?” he passed her over to Luke since Lizzie had her hands full. “Just stay in bed!” he warned as he headed back out the room to go help Chris with lunch.

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